Product Review: Lap Pro Stand/Caddy Beanbag for iPad (and other tablets)

Link to this product: Lap Pro Pillow

Like many people in this digital age my primary “computer” is my iPad. I rarely get my netbook out these days because I can do everything I want/need from my iPad. When sitting on the couch scouring Pinterest, checking Facebook, or whatever else peeks my fancy between commercials (if I am not watching a recorded show) I use my iPad. After months of having to either hold my iPad while typing, leaning it against my propped up leg, or trying to get one my decorative couch pillows to hold up it I decided I would search for a better solution.

And…after searching Amazon Prime items, (Prime is the only way for me, free 2 day shipping is the best), I found many items that seemed to promise to do what I wanted and after reading tons of reviews I chose the Lap Pro Stand/Caddy Universal Beanbag Lap Stand Tablet Accessory for iPad Air, iPad 1-4, & all Android tablets, E-Readers, Books, and Google devices – Bed, Couch, Travel, Tablet Electronic Accessory.

When I received the item (in blue) it was well packed. The Lap Pro is filled with beanbag/stryo-ball material and when it was arrived was very plump. When doing my research on reviews I had read where others had commented on how full it was in the beginning but that it would go down some as you used it. They were right. I like that it’s not so plush after a few weeks of use because it makes leaning my iPad back to type a lot easier (when I am not using my Bluetooth keyboard). Some users have had issues where the pillow has deflated greatly. Mine “deflated” a bit but hasn’t gone down anymore. The pillow is covered in a micro-fiber material. The main components of this item is the pillow part, the handle which also acts as the stand/shelf to sit the iPad on, and the zippered part to store your iPad or accessories in which I haven’t used.

I have been using this product since May.

1. It’s small enough to sit right beside when not using and not be in the way (actually, when I am not using it, it has become my glorified arm rest)
2. I can keep my existing case on my iPad and still use it (some of the products that hold your iPad want you to not have a case, no thank you)
3. I like how I can use my iPad in either viewing planes and still be able to access all of the virtual keyboard.
4. I like how durable the material is. I have two dogs and a cat who like to use anything for comfort and they have yet to hurt the Lap Pro.


I don’t really have any cons but I do have a suggestion. I would suggest that beside the blue, black, or pink color the product is offered in there should be patterned material to better match existing decor. The pillow isn’t an eye sore but it does stand out with my decor.

I paid $25.99 (with prime membership, no shipping cost) for the Lap Pro and I would definitely suggest this pillow to anyone who uses a tablet/iPad as their primary electronic device.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.


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Disclosure: I was not paid for this review. My thoughts about this product are my own.


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