What 4th of July Means to Me

When I think about the 4th of July, America’s independence birthday, I think about many different things of what this means to me.

The first would be the freedom that 238 years ago a group of men and women decided to defy the tyranny of a king and stand up for what the believed, what the knew, was right. The courage that the people in 1776 possessed seems like such a legendary amount that you just don’t see during these politically corrupt times of 2014. I believe we all should aspire to posses courage that our founding fathers demonstrated.

Now, the next thing I think about is fireworks! Growing up in the rural South fireworks were a way of life, and still is. Every small town put on a fireworks display that would sometimes rival some large cities. I remember going to my hometown’s fireworks display with my parents. They held them at the Civic Center and you would park blocks away and walk, set up some lawn chairs or blankets by the school or the ball park and wait for the blue, red, and white sparkly, loud fireworks that would boom off the brick buildings around. Then, after going and seeing fireworks my parents and I, sometimes with my big sisters, would, have our own little display of bottle rockets, Roman candles, and sparklers. I remember one year it was my mom, dad, and my oldest sister, and I we all had sparklers and I was probably 10 or 11 and I wanted everyone to run around in a circle like we were a solar system (I was going through my space phase) and as running around in a circle I fell. I wasn’t hurt but I remember saying I was the falling star of the system.

And the final thing I think about is our troops who have massive amounts of courage to defend the freedom that our founding fathers established. When thinking about our armed forces defending us all over the world I get a bang of sorrow in my stomach because in 2010 my best friend died defending our country in Afghanistan. It still hurts and I still get upset but I am beyond belief honored to have known such a brave, young man. I might not always agree with our government’s decision to be in this war or that war but I will always defend our men and women who bravely defend our freedom, our independence.

So…freedom, fireworks, and our troops is what the 4th of July means to me.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.


What does the 4th mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to follow (look on the upper, right hand corner for either signing up by email or if you belong to Word Press just click “follow”)


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