Anti-Bucket List

I see a lot of people out on the internet doing a Bucket List. Well, my bucket list would be long! So, I decided I would do an anti-bucket list. The top 10 countdown of things I would NEVER want to do.

10. Bungee-jump. No way am I trusting my life to a large rubber band!
9. Be covered in live bees. What in the world possess people to do this!?
8. Swim with sharks. I don’t care if I’m in a cage I know the sum’-of-a-b’s would figure out some way of getting in or getting me out. I’ve seen Jaws!
7. Climb Mt. Everest or really any large, deadly mountain. Pictures are good enough for me.
6. Spend a night on the Serengeti plains. Don’t get me wrong, I love elephants, giraffes, and other critters but seriously I would be terrified one of those top of the chain animals would find me nummy and viola I would be their late night snack.
5. Visit a live volcano. There is a reason it is classified live. I’m sorry but science is not so precise for me to trust it wouldn’t explode…on me.
4. Get permanent makeup. I have tattoos but a tattoo on my face. No thanks. I’ll take the extra minute and use eye liner every day.
3. Jump from a high cliff into water. A. I’m not a fan go heights. B. I’m not a great swimmer. And C. I grew up near a park with lots of waterfalls and people get hurt and die doing that stuff.
2. Go into space. I hate flying so I definitely wouldn’t willingly strap myself into something with explosives underneath me.
1. Spend a night in a haunted insane-asylum or any place that is haunted. I absolutely hate anything dealing with the supernatural and just watching a movie will freak me out for weeks.

What would be some things you would never want to do?

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna G. says:

    Go cave diving – I’m not a huge fan of confied spaces, and the idea of no way out would send me over the edge.


    1. cintheacomer says:

      Yeah, that is a pretty bad one. If you’ve seen the movie Sanctum you will definitely never want to do that.


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