Hope Bags

I live in a larger city and on pretty much any given day driving around I will see individuals who, for whatever reason it may be, are down on their luck and asking for help. I want to help but have always been wary to give money since you never know what a person in that situation may spend it on. Also, sadly there are people out there who are trying to take advantage of people and you can’t tell who really needs help and who is trying to scam you.

So, I thought and thought about this. Every time I saw someone holding a cardboard sign asking for help it pulled at me. Then, during this last winter a man with a dog was standing by a traffic light asking for help. It was very cold out and I wanted to do something for him. I had a blanket in the back of my car and grabbed it and handed it to me through my window. The man was so appreciate and as I was driving away I saw him lay the blanket over the dog who was laying down at his feet. He didn’t wrap it around himself like I thought he would but showed such love for his furry companion. I cried. I cried the whole way home. And then it came to me. These individuals holding cardboard signs aren’t asking for help, they are asking for hope. And my idea for hope bags came forth.

When giving the man the blanket I realized I had given him something he needed. I thought what can I give, that people need, and at the same time won’t break the bank. I thought about this for a bit and then thought if I was down on my luck what would I need.

Off to Dollar Tree I went. I purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, bars of soap, wet wipes, tissues, crackers, cookies, Nature Valley Bars, juice packs, and cough drops. I spent $25. I got enough supplies to make 8 bags. I had on hand some large freezer bags and the supplies went in them.


For $25 I was able to give 8 people not just help, but hope. Hope that someone cared for them. Hope that things would get better. I have done this now three time and I am about to go get my fourth round of bags.

I challenge you to put some hope into the world. Spend $25, make 8 bags. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Every bag I have given out has touched me. The individuals were so thankful. I’ve had many people who got a bag and as I drove away I saw in my rear view mirror them take it, sit down, open it and start eating. I don’t usually cry easily but when giving out a bag I always tear up.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.


If you accept my challenge post a picture of your bags with #hopebags25



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