Rant, Rave, and Rawr

Today…today was a bad day for me. I am not going to say terrible but I am doubting my faith in humanity. Seriously.

It’s Sunday and on Sunday morning is church. My beau and I have been going to a church for almost three months now. We sit in the same pew every Sunday (we are creatures of habit) and either the pew in front of us or two in front of us sits this elderly couple. Okay…on our pew, further down, sits a young couple with two children. The kids, a girl 7 and the boy 4 always go (by themselves) to see the elderly couple during fellowship time…and they go down our pew, past us.

Now, these kids have NEVER said “excuse me” or “can I get by” when going and seeing the elderly couple. They don’t shake our hands, or really acknowledge we are alive. This has bothered me since day one. How can parents raise children with such poor manners, honestly no manners. Well, today I reached my limit when the girl literally pushed me, pushed me, without saying a word to get past me to the elderly couple. What in the world are these parents teaching these kids!? I didn’t say anything. It took a lot for me not to.

After church I discussed this with my bf and he said we could say something to the kids or parents but honestly I don’t know what to say without coming off as a complete bitch. I’ve thought about not letting the kids by until they shake my hand or at least say “excuse me” but clearly these parents have no manners. How do I know so? We sit on the same pew, every week, and they have yet to introduce themselves to us. While everyone else around us have. Rude. Rude. Rude. No manners. So, we are moving pews next week.

Now, last night I was looking on Craigslist for arm chairs. I’ve been wanting two and new ones are expensive. I found two. A little dirty but $40 for the pair. They can easily be cleaned.

(I didn’t include the listers number because I’m not a total douche)

I contacted the lister. At this point it had been up for 6 hours. This is our convo.


Awesome. I was very excited. I got my cash before church, my beau and I were in his truck driving to the lister and I got this:


What the hell!? I called. I gave this lister, a woman, a piece of my mind. The freaking woman gave me a promise to the chairs. The listing didn’t say “first come, first serve”. I was livid. I have a short temper and let’s just say be glad you weren’t the lister.

After the arm chair lying woman had pissed me off my bf said let’s go bowling where you can take your anger out on the pins. We went bowling. I did terribly by the way. And we were both hungry and decided to go get some food. I needed to go to Lowes so we decided on Applebee’s which is right beside Lowes.

The sever, which has served us a few times before, usually is bar tending at the same time and we always thought that is why he kinda was slow at stuff like getting drinks. This day he wasn’t bar tending. He did okay I the beginning. Not as fast as I would. And yes, I am allowed to judge since I worked as a server in an Applebee’s. But then it came….toward the end of the meal I started running out of drink. He wasn’t coming to replace. I went ahead and finished my meals and my drink and decided on getting a to go cup. I was still thirsty. I hadn’t had one refill, at all. We waited, we waited. Both of us had finished eating. We were waiting on our ticket. Waiting. Waiting. 10 minutes! 10 minutes we set with empty plates, empty drinks, waiting for our receipt to pay him. At one point I almost got up and told the hostess that we would like to leave but can’t because we haven’t paid. And if there was a manager in site my bf would of grabbed them. But no manager and no server. Finally he came and at this point I couldn’t say anything without exploding from everything of the day. I let my bf talk and he let the server know and the server didn’t even apologize. RAWR!!!

So, that’s my RANT, RAVE, AND RAWR.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach


Do you have any rants, raving, or rawrs? Comment and let me know!


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