1 Week of Summer Vaca Left

With one week before I head back to work…as a high school English teacher I have started to think what I want to do this first semester. Not content stuff. I’m teaching the same subject so I know what I am going to teach and in what order. (I might change a story here and different prompts.) I’m thinking different classroom management techniques.

I love discovering new techniques to try out. Some have been successful and others not so much. But that is the thing I love about being a teacher. I can try out things and if it doesn’t work, then I’ve learned one way how to not do something.

I try to think in small chunks…I’m bad about starting one thing and them going on to something else. So my focus is the first day. I of course like to go over the syllabus and classroom rules/procedures (that I will go over for a week or two until they get it) and after that is where I get into an issue, it’s not really an issue it’s just an annoyance. I have a classrooms set of iPads and I would lover for my kids to fill out a survey through Google Docs but alas they can’t until they get iPad training which I don’t give until day 10 because of the craziness of kids getting switched classrooms and what not. I think I am just going to have them fill out some basic information on an index card and later on do a more detailed survey.

Now, last year I tried out a app that would randomly call a students name. While this app is good I found it wasn’t great because I would have to stop what I was doing, get my iPad if I didn’t already have it, open the app, select the class, a d have it do it’s thing. That might not seem like a lot but in the realm of high school teaching it is. It’s time for students to get off task, start talking, try to sneak a text message, so on and so on. Then, that means time I have to spend not teaching to get them back on task.

The plan is on the first day I am going to give them each a Popsicle stick and markers and they are going to design (with their name visible) their own “your turn” stick (I’m still trying to think of a real catchy name though I kinda like what I already have).

I’m also mulling around in the ole noggin, with lots of assistance (hindrance) of Pinterest (oh, I love you) other things I want to do for this year.

Here is one thing Pinterest provided me with last year. My kids totally got it and loved it. They were so into it and made me a very happy teacher.


Well, that is all for now.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.



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