“Lucy” Movie Review

*This review does contain some spoilers* I tried to keep them to a minimum. I had to include some to give you my full opinion.

Lucy. Okay, let’s get into it. The movie has Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Really that is the only people in this movie. The premise of this movie is that we humans use 10% of our brains capacity and through a new synthetic drug getting introduced into the main character, Lucy (Scarlett), body she starts being able to access more and more of her brain capacity.

In the beginning when she starts to access more of her brain (20%) it’s pretty interesting and the “abilities” she has are not to far fetched. I like some good sci-fi but nothing to out of the realm of craziness.

There is a lot of guns shooting, a semi-car chase, and people dying.

Now…there is a lot of stock footage.. Yeah, you read that right. Stock footage. Morgan Freeman’s character says something and it shows some stock video footage of a parallel of what he said. Lucy does something and there is another parallel of stock footage.

There is Lucy speaking in monotone throughout 90% of the movie. Lots and lots of monotone speaking. Sigh.

Then, it gets really, really weird. Lucy gains more and more of her brain capacity and starts seeing/doing super strange things. The writers/directors I think are trying to make their own statements about how life started (by the way it’s evolution) through the strange/weird things she does/sees.

Then, it gets super strange when her brain reaches about 80-90% capacity. I won’t spoil that for you.

So, with all that said I left the movie feeling confused, saying “that was strange”, and even though I haven’t seen Transcendence saying “what that suppose to be a female version of Transcendence?”

If you like VERY far fetched science-fiction movies, watching Scarlett Johansson “kick” butt while speaking monotone, and seeing good ole Morgan Freeman be his awesome self then go see it. It wasn’t bad. But after talking to my bf for about 30 minutes about what in the world we just saw he said to me “maybe you are not suppose to have all the answers to every movie you see.” Maybe that is true.

If you watch this movie don’t think to much about what you are watching and what it is trying to say. Just watch and try to enjoy the cinematography which like 30% of it is stock footage (yuck).

I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

Hope this helps!

P.S. My bf says it’s similar to Lawnmower Man. Never seen it but if you have you know what he is talking about.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.



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