Ice Bucket Challenge

You are challenged by a friend to get a bucket full of ice water thrown on you while being videotaped. If you don’t accost the challenge you have to donate money to the ALS foundation.

What I’m about to say may anger a lot of people but this is how I feel.

How the hell does wasting fresh, clean water look towards people who don’t have access to fresh, clean water?

Does these people who are accepting this challenge know anything about ALS?

So, you give the option of getting ice water thrown on your so you DONT have to donate…how does this help? I know it says you can donate as well and I know there website says they have a ton of donation.

Okay, let’s think about the millions of donations that equals thousands and thousands of gallons of water wasted. WASTED! Come on! There has to be another more environmentally friendly way to raise awareness and money for your organization.

Most other foundations do walks/runs where you donate/sponsor someone.

So…just think. (In Skeletor’s voice) #stopwastingfreakingwater

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.



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