7 Decisions I Will Never Regret

In life there are many times where we are faced with making easy decisions, hard decisions, and decisions we think won’t matter but end up changing the course of our lives. Sometimes our decisions are made because someone that cares about us pushed us that way. Here are seven decisions I have made that I will never regret.

1. My decision to attend Tennessee State University. When walking through my high school college fair there was many booths that I stopped by and grabbed pamphlets and brochures. One booth that I walked by and I wasn’t going to even stop by because I had never heard of it was TSU. The man behind the booth asked me a question…I don’t even remember what the question was but it was enough to get me to stop at the booth. I went ahead and filled out a information card and went on my way. Filling out that information card was the best decision in my life because it led to being offered a full-ride scholarship and having no school loan debt.

2. My decision to add education to my degree. I originally went into my college as just an English degree because I was convinced I was going to law school. Fast forward seven years I am not in law school. Life got in the way and it never happened. If it wasn’t for my dad and mom pushing me to add education to my degree I would be stuck with a degree that has very little marketable in my opinion. Now, I am a teacher and I am (most of the time) happy with my career choice.

3. My decision to sign-up with International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and spend a semester abroad. I was excited and nervous to leave my comfort zone and go to a country, Denmark, where I didn’t speak the language. Living in Denmark for a semester and travelling all over Europe is one of my most cherished memories. I got to meet a lot of great people including my still best-friend and experience cultures that help me as a teacher connect with students.

4. My decision to get married. Yes, I am divorced. You ask why I don’t regret getting married? Well, because it taught me how a relationship shouldn’t be and this helps me realize how good I have it now in my current relationship. My failed married tested and tried me and showed me how strong I truly am. I lived in Atlanta which was great until I begrudgingly was dragged to Oklahoma City. I would not be in Oklahoma City if it wasn’t for me marrying. And I love this city.

5. My decision to divorce. I know this is similar to number 4 but it needs to be said. It was one of the scariest decisions that I ever made to call it quits. The marriage had been over for awhile but finally saying it out loud gave me such a sense of clarity. I was terrified about what my family would say especially my parents. Thankfully, they were very supportive. The divorce was long and hard-fought between us and there was times where I questioned if I was doing the right thing but now I know it was the right thing.

6. My decision to teach. When I was in Atlanta I was a long-term sub at a very large school, with 35+ student classrooms. It was terrible. I hated it and went home every day crying and wanting to quit. But I was pushed to not quit. When the ex and I moved to Oklahoma City I got a job outside of education working in customer service at a technology company. It paid decently but when I realized I would be on my own after the divorce it didn’t pay enough to support myself. I knew I would have to get a different job and the best route I saw for stable, decent pay was going back into education. I was terrified to go back into teaching. I lucked into a great position at an alternative school where I have small classes which goes with my strengths as a teacher being able to do more individualized instruction.

7. My decision to follow my heart and not to care about what other people think. I know this is a bit vague but if you know me then you understand. One thing I have always been terrible about is doing what pleases everybody else. Yes, I am a “people pleaser.” It is hard for me to make decisions that upset people. Recently, I have made decisions that I made for myself and no one else. My decision to stay in Oklahoma after the divorce and my decision to date an older man. They have turned out to be some really great decisions that have made me very happy.

So, there it is. 7 decisions that I have made and will never regret.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.



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