Pretty Little Liars (03/17/15) Recap, Thoughts, and Predictions

Last night was a pretty slow episode in my opinion. (Spoilers alert!!!) I guess nothing to exciting can happen when they are one episode away from the end of the season. Anyways, Allison and Hannah are still in prison and the girls are trying to figure out some crazy to clear their names while doing everything wrong, of course.

Aria gets Ezra to send her brother away to the middle of no-where without any cell service, like that is so smart. If I was A I would be laughing at the fact that these girls make it so incredibly easy to tie someone to a pole and beat them up with a tether ball. Seriously? A tether ball!!! Then, Caleb has to be love blinded and think it is such a good idea to take a freaking picture of said tether ball victim before helping him and then be like “Oh cops! Look I have a picture of the incident, it is not at all crazy. Stop questioning me! I am in love!” Oh my god! (In my best Janice voice from Friends)

Then Allison…is she some kind of sociopath? Don’t answer that. I mean she burns herself and closes her friends hand in a dryer door. Why the dryer door? Why not burn both of you? I think it would be more believable if both of you were burned. And were they wanting the note to get caught or are they the worst note passers on the face of this planet? I really want to go with they wanted to get caught but… who knows with these two.

Now…this church group, drug tripping, tell my teacher everything girl…am I seriously to believe that the jacket this girl was wearing the night she was hiding during her bad trip in a cement tunnel in the playground no one plays in but the church group is bound and determine to “keep it clean” has the same jacket sticking out of her backpack while she already has a jean jacket with said church group logo on the back. Who needs two jackets? And Allison must have done a hell of a job describing that jacket because the girls instantly recognized it. Come on writers? Could you maybe have put some more thought into that one.

And don’t even get me started on Aria being so blind! Oh my god! (Janice voice again) You already didn’t notice that Ezra was using you in the beginning and you don’t think its a bit strange Mr. Hunky-Smarty Pants is acting super weird, scrapes on his hand, doesn’t answer his cell phone, and seems way to involved in your business not to mention he is everywhere all the freaking time! I know that your friends are in jail but seriously open your eyes and observe the strangeness. You know there are so many people who are working for A and you never once questioned this dudes intentions. Sigh…

Who thought Allison was going to be found not-guilty? Ummm…no one. Everyone with a brain knew the jury would find her guilty so why make it such a big thing? Now, Allison is in jail, Hannah is in jail, and…wait…Aria, Emily, and Spencer are getting arrested? For Mona’s murder? O-kay….so they are all in jail. I’m pretty sure I remember some of them having alibis the night of the murder. (If Mona is even dead, who knows at this point).

And you are telling me there is some toy company out there selling a toy correctional facility bus! What are we letting our kids play with! What message are me sending to the children. Think of the children!!! The horror! No, but seriously A has wayyyy too much free time on his/her hands. How is this A person everywhere and still have time to build this little prison and stuff. Someone wasn’t held as a child.

And now we are one episode away from “the big A reveal” they keep yelling about every chance they get. Now, at the end of every season they always have some crazy, big reveal and why would the wonderful producers over at ABC change anything? They wouldn’t.

At this point I think anyone could be revealed as A. They have truly set it up as being really anyone. Now, I know what happens in the books and since they really haven’t followed the books so well (cough, cough Toby should have died ages ago) I would think Aria would be a could guess since A) her name starts with A B) none of the cray cray stuff started until she came back to Rosewood C) she could of been using all the research Ezra had done to give her the 411 on what was happening while she was in Iceland, Greenland, Finland? Oh who knows? And who cares? But of course Hannah has motive for Allison fat shaming her (she really was only like 20 pound overweight) but then Emily could hate the fact Allison wasn’t a lesbian. (Like people have a choice?) And Spencer well Spencer has so many crazy tendencies who wouldn’t put it past her. Not me! And it could be someone outside the group. It could still be freaking Allison! Who would question the girl just committed of murder of actually murdering Mona and tormenting her faithful friends some more.

Well, all I know if I am ready to see what happens and if they actually reveal anything note-worthy or if they are just stringing us along like normal.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach.

And watch some PLL!!!



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