Our Journey Begins 

So…here it goes.

Where do I start? Jay and I are ready to start a family.  We are emotionally and financially ready. We wanna be parents. Mommy and Daddy.

I’ve been off birth control for over a year and having irregular cycles since then. I was told that it was normal for the first little bit and not to worry.  About 3 months ago I went to my normal OB/GYN for a check-up and a pre-pregnancy consultation. While talking to my doctor she seemed concerned that my cycles were still irregular. We are talking 60-90 days in between cycles. Not normal! I got scheduled for some blood work for a few weeks later to check on hormone levels and to see if I ovulated for that cycle. We got the results and I didn’t ovulate and my progesterone level was low. We tested again a week later. Still no ovulation and progesterone was even lower meaning I wasn’t going to ovulate nor have a period.

My doctor then prescribed me Provera (progesterone) for 10 days to “jump-start my cycle”. My doctor said that with my progesterone so low I wouldn’t have a period and by taking the Provera it would make me. (She explained how progesterone signaled for my body to produce the other hormones that make you ovulate). About three days after going off the progesterone I was on day 1 of my cycle! My wonderful, patient doctor said on day 22 we would do blood work to see if the medicine worked and if I ovulated. Saturday, May 9th,  was day 22.

We got the results of the test today. I did not ovulate and my progesterone levels once again are low. My doctor didn’t want to waste anytime and I am back on Provera starting today with an appointment Wednesday, the 20th, to see what the next step is. Probably Clomid.

We would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts sent our way as we start this journey. We hope this will be a short journey with a happy ending but we also know that it could be a very long, difficult and trying journey. Only time will tell.

Also, pray for us for the next 10 days because the last round of progesterone caused me to be very emotional. Neither of us are looking forward to crazy, emotional hormone filled Cinthea. 😜😜😜


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