Today was not a good day. 

Last time when I was on Provera around day 3-6 (of 10 days) I felt so agitated, aggravated, and overall angry and weepy. Emotions on overdrive!

Today, day 3 of round 2 of Provera, it began again and with vengeance! It is even hard staying focused enough to write this.

I told Jay I feel like a snapping turtle. Snapping at everything and everyone. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!

I am so anxious to get to the doctor on May 20th and get some of my questions answered.

  • Question 1. If my progesterone keeps being so low (when it should be high) do I have some form of progesterone deficiency?

-If so…is it my ovaries or adrenal glands that is causing it? Is this why I struggle with weight, acne, fatigue, etc.?

  • Question 2. (She wants me to start Clomid) In my research I have found that when on Clomid that you should be monitored with bloodwork and ultrasounds. When talking over the phone it didn’t sound like they will be doing ultrasounds which I know some regular ob/gyn don’t. While fertility specialist do. I want ultrasounds since the side-effects of Clomid can be severe if you don’t monitor. Like ovary hyper-stimulation (it’s painful, can cause permanent loss of your ovary)

  • Question 3. Is there any way I could have PCOS? I haven’t had any pain like cysts rupturing and she hasn’t said that she believes I have PCOS  but could it have been overlooked.


Depending on the answers to her questions I may look into getting referred to a fertility specialist. I don’t like taking medicine. Jay has to force me just to take pain medicine when I have a headache. So, I am terrified about taking all of these hormones and what it could do to my body. I am super pessimistic so when I see all the warnings and horror stories I automatically assume it will/could happen to me.

All I know is I am not very patient  person normally and right now my patience is pretty much non-existent and I just want to fast forward to next week where I can get some answers!!!



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  1. I have PCOS. With literally no symptoms. No cysts, hair growth, weight gain, nothing but higher testosterone and LH levels, and anovulation.
    I just finished my first round of 50mg of clomid last week and think I ovulated yesterday. Ovulation is definitely more prominent on clomid for me. I felt the cramping, it hurt, but not too painful.
    When your progesterone is low, they might have you take progesterone suppositories.

    Have you gotten basic blood work back? How long have you been TTC? It’s so hard, never in a million years did I think I had PCOS with no symptoms besides irregular periods!


    1. cintheacomer says:

      Hey! It is crazy that you have no symptoms! They ran a bunch of blood work 3 months back so I figure they did all of that because the only thing they said was that I hadn’t ovulated and that I have low progesterone. I will be definitely asking if there is any way I have PCOS in my doc appt on the 20th! How was your first round of Clomid? I am so scared about going on Clomid in a few weeks…I have read of terrible symptoms! Sending you some baby dust. 🙂


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