So, my doctor has a patient portal where information like test results, appointments, and profile information is stored. For some reason the last past two, day 21 progesterone (day 22 for me) tests, haven’t posted. My doc had told me over the phone that the levels indicated I didn’t ovulate and that my levels were low. Through all my research for my upcoming appointment I wanted to know exactly what my low level was. I contacted my doctor (through the portal messaging service) and asked to have my results posted on my portal. They posted them very quickly and then I saw why they were so sure.

A little background on progesterone day 21 test:

 This day is chosen on the assumption that the women are having a 26-30 day cycle, and luteal phase is normal and lasts about 10-14 days after ovulation.  Thus, assuming ovulation is between Days 12-16 , Day 21 is the middle of the luteal phase when the production of progesterone from the corpus luteum gland peaks in an ovulatory cycle (and if there was then pregnancy, the HCG would prevent the corpus luteum from then dying and it would produce even more progesterone).  If ovulation has occurred later than Days 12 – 16, then the progesterone check would be better done a few days later so as to strike the middle of the luteal phase. Conversely, if ovulation has occurred earlier than Day 12, an earlier progesterone test at about Day 18 is required.

Here is what a chart of levels look like and what they mean:

1. Progesterone  > 30nmol/l (greater than 30) – ovulation has occurred and the corpus luteum is producing sufficient progesterone to induce adequate secretory changes in the endometrium to assist implantation.
2. Progesterone 3-30 nmol/l (3-30) – ovulation has occurred > 10 days ago or < 5 days ago, or if ovulation did occur 5-10 days ago, the level is probably not adequate to sustain endometrial growth for satisfactory implantation.
3. Progesterone < 3nmol/l (below 3) – no ovulation in previous 14 days.
And where do you think my levels were at? Take a guess!
April 6, 2015- 0.8
May 9, 2015- 1.0
Jay, of course, tried to give a positive spin by “it went up by .2” but of course this pretty much sucks!
All I can do is just take my Provera and to research, research, and research some more!
Research calms me precious, it calms me!!!

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