Infertility Support Group???

Does anyone go to an infertility support group?

Jay and I have been considering going to an infertility support group. Our friends and family are very supportive but we want to talk to people who understand the journey we are beginning. There is a fertility clinic that has a support group that meets once a month. We missed this months, so we are thinking about going in June.

If you go to one/been to one please let us know your thoughts…what was it like? What was discussed? Did it help?

*** I follow a few boards and a page on Facebook. It has helped me understand a lot more but I would really like some in-person interactions for both of us ***


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  1. Nara says:

    Nope sorry. I actually prefer the anonymity as I wouldn’t want all my friends to be asking me how it’s going all the time. I hope it goes well for you if you go to one!


    1. j&c says:

      I could see that. My friends and family know we are struggling and they actually are good about not asking. Probably because they follow this blog and already know everything lol


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