Good News OR Bad News?

We just got home from my ob/gyn. Can I first say I LOVE my doc. She is so patient and knowledgeably and OPEN! She doesn’t sugar coat things and tells the truth but in a kind way. She listens to the dozens of questions I have and always has an answer.

Before going in to the doctor’s office I was telling Jay that I just want a firm diagnosis where we can get a game plan in place. Not knowing bothers kills me.

After reviewing all my labs and symptoms from when I was on Mirena and after I got off Mirena I have officially been diagnosed with…PCOS.

I know that it’s going to make conceiving so much harder but at the same time I’m relieved to know the why.

Our Game Plan:

1. On Day 5 of my upcoming cycle take 50mg of Clomiphene (Clomid) for 5 days.

2. Start taking Pregnitude right away.

3. Since the medical community believes PCOS has something to do with insulin intolerance…we’ve agreed that I should go on a “diet” that includes: No gluten, no dairy, foods with low glycemic index, watch carbs, avoid processed food, no added sugar. (Load up on protein, veggies, lean meats & whole carbs.)

4. Get Jay a semen analysis (got is scheduled for the beginning of June)

My doctor says that if I don’t ovulate on 50mg she will up it to 100mg the next month and if I still don’t ovulate she will up it to 150mg. She doesn’t go any higher. She may also add Metformin if it is going poorly (but hopefully the diet will work). If after 3-4 months of trying (with me ovulating) that we are still not pregnant she will refer me to a fertility specialist.

PCOS: Insulin and Metformin

Please cross your fingers, send positive thoughts, send baby dust, & pray for us. We know there is a strong possibility we may end up with a specialist but we are hoping that this will work.


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  1. I have been where you are! It is no fun being in limbo! Hopefully clomid works for you guys! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago. The only ink link would be irregular cycles and no ovulation. Meteormin got my cycle down to semi normal but we added clomid this past cycle to up our chances. I grew a few extra cysts from it and hopefully we’ll find out Monday how my blood work came out and if we ovulated! We are in the TWW so hopefully shortly after our results from the dr we can test! Baby dust!,
    Xo Brianna


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