It ALL Makes Sense Now

Everything that has happened to my body since I hit puberty now makes sense with the diagnosis of PCOS.

I have steadily gained weight (especially in my stomach)from a  thin-average kid to well…an overweight adult. When I would “diet” it seemed to never work! It was so frustrating and I had recently resigned myself to being my current weight which I actually have maintained over the last past 2 years. I have maintained not by dieting or exercise just by being and eating normal for me. I said to myself “clearly this is the weight your body wants to be at and you just have to be content with that“.

BUT…now that I have been diagnosed with PCOS I am starting to realize maybe I don’t have to be content with this weight. Maybe I can actually lose weight now that I have an idea of the issues that are going on inside of my body. (Got my Insulin-Resistance Diet book yesterday and will grocery shopping Sunday)

And it’s just not the weight…I have battled and I mean battled with acne my whole life. It has been a struggle and I always have some kind of blemish or break-out going on yet I do everything I am suppose to do.

My thinning hair…at times where big clumps would come out. I remember when I was in Denmark my hair was thinning at a crazy rate. The doctor there said it was a combo of the different water and stress. I never believed him but now I realize that my diet changed when I was in Denmark (I was 20 so you get the picture) and it must of aggravated my PCOS. **My hair is thin right now…grrrr….**

The menstrual cycle cray cray, the infertility, my fatigue, my insane sugar cravings, my mood swings, my pelvic pain, and probably more I don’t realize.

Now that we know what is going on hopefully things will get under control.

It is so nice to know the why.


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  1. rosyposy08 says:

    I said to myself “clearly this is the weight your body wants to be at and you just have to be content with that“.

    It’s like you read my mind! I look forward to reading about how you deal with this new diagnosis, as I probably suffer from it too (waiting on blood results). I’m trying to find others who have had success losing weight and controlling their symptoms. Best of luck! 🙂


    1. j&c says:

      Right now I have just become so focused on controlling symptoms. If I lose weight that is good but I’m okay if I don’t. And I’m happy to say after just 3 days of eating better (less carbs paired with protein and no added sugar) my symptoms are tons better!

      It’s kinda a relief to get the diagnosis because then you can make a game plan. Good luck!!! Sending positive thoughts your way!


      1. rosyposy08 says:

        Yea I’ve tried low carb once before. It just takes a little while to get used to but results are awesome. 🙂


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