Hot Flashes, Dizzy Spells, and Vision Changes…OH MY!!! (My symptoms on Clomid)

“Oh my, oh my!” I say in my best old Southern lady voice.

I take my last Clomid today! Compared to the side effects I had with Provera, Clomid has been a walk in the park. Yeah…I’ve had some hot flashes where I get hot (duh) and flushed all over my chest and face and break out in sweat everywhere! Gross! It’s terrible. I occasionally had a few itty-bitty dizzy spells in the beginning but nothing too bad. Thursday night and most of the day Friday I was sensitive to light. The lights bothered halos around the lights.

The worst part is the hot flashes. I hate being hot!!!

Overall, I haven’t had any emotional changes which is great! I get so emotional on Provera (with a bunch of other terrible symptoms).

Now…it’s a waiting game to see if the Clomid worked and I ovulate. We will have our day 21 progesterone test (actually my doc does it on day 22) on June 13th…which is a Saturday so we won’t know the results until Monday. We are trying to just stay calm and not worry. We know that we are on the right track and if it doesn’t work out this time then the doctor will up the dosage. Not much more we can do but just wait and see.


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