Where has all my hair gone?

My hair is falling out in the clumps and I am so upset. When I was younger I use to have such nice, thick hair and as I have gotten older my hair thinned out. I learned to live with it. The last few months my hair is getting really, really thin like I am freaking out I am going to have a bald spot!

Now, I know that thinning hair comes with the territory of PCOS but at the same time I went ahead and contacted my doctor. Last Friday she had me get my blood drawn to test my thyroid and my testosterone levels. I had a thyroid test done in October and my levels were high, but not high enough for medical intervention. She wants to rule out any reasons for my thinning hair. We probably won’t get the results for a week…so maybe by the end of this week.

This Saturday I will get my blood drawn for my day 21 (actually day 22 with my doctor) to see if I ovulated. I am so nervous. I of course track my basal body temperature but ovulation prediction tests seem to give me false positives. My temperature dropped pretty dramatically this morning and I am hoping this is a good sign. Also, I have been having little cramps on and off for a few days and usually I don’t have cramps. I am crossing my fingers that the 50mg of Clomid is working mainly because I don’t want to have to go back on Provera. Provera is evil…


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  1. klc83 says:

    I completed two months of clomid about a month ago. this month, my hair has thinned noticeably. this is awful as my hair is already fine and thin to begin with. i was wondering if it was maybe the clomid and the amped up hormones that contributed. i only pray it all grows back. may the hair gods be with you!


    1. j&c says:

      I will have to ask my doctor if she thinks it could be the Clomid. I hope it stops thinning because it’s so frustrating! Good luck to you as well!


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