Day 21 Progesterone Blood Draw (Technically in the TWW window)

Today was my day 21 (actually 22 because that is the day my doctor does) progesterone blood test. Thankfully, we go to an ob/gyn that is incorporated into a hospital which means when my day 22 falls on a Saturday I can still get my blood drawn easily. The only downside is the normal blood draw techs are not there, so it’s always a different person. Today we had a lady, we shall call her Stabby Ms.Stab Stab, because she didn’t poke me, she STABBED me. It hurt so much when the normal gals (there is 2 of them) never hurt me. I usually barely even feel it. I wasn’t too happy about being stabbed on a Saturday morning but gotta have the blood drawn on the exact day.

june progesterone blood draw

Now…comes the waiting. I hate waiting for blood results. Hopefully, we will get the results Monday but usually it’s not later than Tuesday when it’s drawn on a Saturday. (For some reason my day 22 seems to come on Saturdays). I have been analyzing my basal body temperature like crazy this cycle since ovulation prediction tests are unreliable for me. And…I really think I ovulated! What do ya’ll think?

basal body june

This is the first time my bbt chart resembles anything that is normal. Usually it is all over the place. We will wait to see what the blood results say…but that drop and then spike makes me really think it happened. I’m crossing my fingers and my toes! I really hope I did because I do NOT want to go back on Provera! Neither does Jay want me on Provera lol.


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  1. Fagan says:

    Ovulation tests haven’t been working for me either. But the temperature thing seems to work and there was definitely a change. I have my fingers crossed for you.


    1. j&c says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one that ovulation tests don’t work with. Thanks!!

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      1. Fagan says:

        You are not alone. I’ve talked to a few women who the tests don’t work on. But the temperature always works from what I hear.


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