A Small Victory

I always like to celebrate the small victories and today we had one…we got back my day 21 progesterone test results and…(drum roll please) I ovulated! Yay!!! It was 10.8!

I am so happy that the first round of Clomid at the lowest dose (50mg) worked!

I am so happy I wasn’t going crazy reading my basal body temperature chart and I did ovulate (like I thought based on the chart…day 17)

Jay is so happy that I don’t have to go back on Provera to jump start my cycle! (Either I’ll get pregnant or my cycle will start naturally!)

I’m not going to lie I cried after I got off the phone with the doctor and was still crying when I called Jay at work. When I called my momma she cheered because she had issues conceiving (I’m her only biological child) and she has been so worried for me. I almost started crying again when I heard her cheering.

Now…my doctor said to test on day 28 which it’s day 25 today! I’m not going to lie I started testing a few days ago…what can I say? I am a poas (pee on a stick) addict. It’s not been positive yet which I knew it probably wouldn’t be if I did ovulate it probably wouldn’t show up this early but…I couldn’t resist the urge! Especially since I read this article http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-best-pregnancy-tests/   and went out and bought the First Response tests. If they are in the house…I will pee on them! Lol it’s like chocolate in the house…it will be eaten…by me! At least I only test once in the morning. It could be worse.

Now, we wait and see if I get pregnant. Crossing my fingers, praying, and thinking positive thoughts.


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