Clomid and SA

Tomorrow I will start round two of Clomid. My hormones have finally balanced out and now I am going to put them all out of whack again. Boo for hot flashes! I am, of course, super excited about the prospect of being able to get pregnant. Without the Clomid I don’t ovulate and no matter how much we try it would probably never happen without medication. I love knowing that our scheduled sex is actually useful. The months where we were timing then found out I didn’t ovulate sucked. We really do not do well with timed sex as I’ve stated before in posts. It feels so robotic and forced…but we will do whatever it takes to get our little peanut.

The next thing that is on our list of things to try and conceive is getting the soon-to-be-hubs semen analysis. Jay had vasectomy years ago before we got together. He doesn’t have children. He never found someone he wanted children with and thought he never would. He had a reversal back in early February and now it’s time to confirm that it worked (Jay getting the reversal was the whole reason I even mentioned to my doctor that we were starting to try and I’m so glad I did because she decided to run blood work on me. I couldn’t imagine if we tried for months and months on our own without knowing I wasn’t ovulating). The doctor who performed the reversal was very confident that it worked. We hope he is right. On Friday he will take his boys to get tested. Let me tell you, he is not looking forward to this at all. You think timed sex puts a lot of pressure on a man… We are praying that everything checks out. I couldn’t imagine if we both had infertility issues. I might have to change the name to the blog infertility X 2.

I’m not sure how long it will take to get the results since the lab faxes it to the doctor who did the reversal first but hopefully soon because I hate waiting. I have zero patience. While Jay has tons. I think we balance each other out nicely.

That is what is on our horizon for the next couple of days. Baby dust to all!


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  1. Good luck. Best wishes you get some good news 🙂


  2. Praying the results are what you are hoping for!! My husband hates giving sperm counts too. He finally got used to them after a few years, if that is even possible! LOL


    1. j&c says:

      The reversal doctor says he should be around 85% return of live sperm. Yeah, he is not very happy at all. I couldn’t imagine if he had to do it more than once. Thanks for the prayers!

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  3. foodfunrun5 says:

    I have a similar story. Husband had a reversal; it was successful. I am the problem in our TTC struggle, which is all the more stressful!


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