Rude Receptionist, Clomid Craziness, and Temping Ban

Where do we start? Jay was scheduled to have his semen analysis on Friday. We went with a lab the doctor suggested and made an appointment online to drop off a specimen. I scheduled online because when I tried calling I could never get a human to answer. (I want a human!) Jay texted me when he got to the lab and about 10 minutes later I get a call where he is clearly pissed off. It takes a lot to get Jay mad. He just is one of those laid back people who are able to see where someone is coming from. Not Friday. He said that the female receptionists at the front desk were extremely rude to him and said that they could not take his “sample” because the appointment was not scheduled correctly. He told them we scheduled a specimen drop-off and they said we needed to call because they have to have a courier to send it somewhere. Normally, he would probably be aggravated by all of this inconvenience and waste of a “sample” but the front desk ladies must have been terrible towards him because he was extremely upset. He now refuses to go back to that lab.

Now…the issue is that the doctor specifically said that he must “clean his tubes” 2-3 days before he makes another “deposit” for testing.  We didn’t have time to find a new place by the end of Friday. It’s Monday and I found a lab but they are having a hard time finding the exact order # for the test. When the sweet lady I talked to looked it up there was 12 different types of semen analysis. She is going to call someone for clarification in the morning and may even have to call the doctor to be sure they order the correct test. That means we couldn’t get anything schedule until Wednesday. On top of all of this we have to start timed sex on Friday. Oh, the joy! (not). If we can’t get this scheduled Wednesday then we are going to have to wait until after July 10th. Timing is everything.

I took my last pill of Clomid this evening (5pm exactly). I am very happy for round two to be over. This round has been harder than the first. I am not proud but on day 6-7 there was a lot of hot flashes, headaches, screaming, crying, and “I can’t do this! Please don’t make me take anymore! I just want to give up.” Today I feel fine besides hot flashes here and there. I don’t know what happened to me days 6-7 but it was terrible. Looking back I’m surprised Jay didn’t take me to the ER. I was truly losing it. Thankfully it only lasted a few days. Now I understand why women are always saying “disregard what I said on Clomid”.

And…I am not temping this month. I have banned myself. It stresses me out because all I do is analyze it and worry about if my temperature is in the right range. All we are doing this month is just the prescribed intercourse per doctors orders and getting the day 22 progesterone blood test. I decided not to add more stress to myself because our wedding is on July 18th. I hope this month is the month because we only have one more round of Clomid before my ob/gyn sends me to a specialist. I really don’t want to go to a specialist since it means more money, more time, more tests, more stress.


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  1. I wholeheartedly understand Clomid Crazy, girl!
    Sorry, you all have had such a difficult time!!!! Prayers for y’all!


  2. Day 4 or day 6 of clomid were always the ones where I lost it, too! Crying for no reason, fussing for something silly, or just overall irritable. You know, all the things that really attract couples together for timed baby-making 😉


    1. j&c says:

      Yeah…the all-over-the-place mood swings isn’t attractive at all.


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