All Those Years…

All those years I spent taking my birth control religiously and being scared if I was late taking a pill…seems totally insane now that I can’t get pregnant. I tried so hard, for so many years not to get pregnant and then when I want to get pregnant…BOOM! The universe blows up in my face and laughs at the same time saying “Ha, ha, ha you’re funny!”

When I was 17 I started taking birth control pills and kept on with the pill until 22 when I got married. I stopped for apparent reasons & nothing happened (though in retrospect I am glad) then about a year later I went back on birth control (the nuva ring) for about a year. Then, when we moved to Oklahoma I got Mirena. So…I took about 1,825 birth control pills, used 12 nuva rings, and one very painful Mirena.

I was responsible and in control of my body…shouldn’t I be rewarded?

Dear Universe, I will take one baby please. Thanks. 


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  1. DitchTheBun says:

    Haha I have had the exact same thoughts. We did all the right things, we waited until I had finished Uni and we both had good jobs and were well set up money wise and we got hitched. We did everything right and it kinda feels like at the end of that we have been left without the grand prize 😦
    Can I put in the same order to the Universe? Maybe if we get 2 they will combine postage and handling?


    1. j&c says:

      Sounds like a deal!

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  2. foodfunrun5 says:

    I have said this countless times as well. Sending baby dust to you (and hoping to get some as well)!


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