CD 15: Why does this have to be so difficult?

As most of us know there isn’t much to report mid-cycle. A lot of this time is spent waiting. I hate waiting.


Slowly, I seem to be returning to some normalcy emotionally. I haven’t had too many Clomid induced melt-downs. The only one to report was yesterday we were at Longhorn and this adorably cute little girl was laughing and I broke down crying over my steak. It didn’t last long. She was just so darn cute…I’m not sure if the Clomid is still in my system but I am blaming it on the Clomid. Always blame it on the Clomid.

The only side-effect I seem to be feeling is hot flashes while sleeping. Two nights ago it was so bad that I probably woke up 10 times with my skin burning to the touch and feeling like I was going to have a heat stroke. I was miserable and cranky the whole next day. Last night Jay was so sweet (and probably tired of hearing me cry in the middle of the night) built me a fort with chairs and sheets by the vent in the floor with a palette and I slept under said fort of awesome, cold air while Jay slept on the couch. I slept well enough. I didn’t really have any hot flashes…the floor wasn’t too comfortable but I did wake up feeling like I actually slept. So I would say it was a win!

We are still trying to stay calm and not getting stressed out this cycle since the wedding is less than 2 weeks away! I am not temping, definitely not doing opk’s, and trying not to symptom spot. If this cycle goes the same as last month’s Clomid cycle I should ovulate in two days. We will have a blood test on day 22 to confirm.

Jay and I have been talking about me not doing anymore Clomid. I was very affected this month and just felt terrible emotionally and physically. I don’t know if I can do another month which is what my doctor wants me to before she refers me to a specialist. I will probably end up doing it but I am letting it be known that I don’t want to.

I am going to a consultation this week with an acupuncturist. I have read that it can help with infertility. If any of ya’ll have tried it let me know your thoughts and feelings please.

I am sending everyone lots of positive, calming, reassuring thoughts. I know many of you are going through some difficult times and my heart breaks for you. And of course we would greatly appreciate as much positive vibes sent our ways.

Thanks for reading and lots of love!


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  1. DitchTheBun says:

    We have just finished our 2nd cycle and won’t be doing another one. This second cycle my emotions haven’t been as badly affected, well until last night when I had a complete meltdown because AF is due today and I just went into a meltdown and was sobbing and begging my body to be pregnant… there was serious ugly crying happening. Thank god I have an amazing husband who just held me and rubbed my back until I was done. I don’t remember the last time I cried like that, but I am still hungover from it today 🙂 I think I needed it, there have been a lot of emotions building up over time.
    As far as going another cycle… I learned from our specialist that Clomid is at best a 50/50 shot and that a very small percentage of women actually fall pregnant on Clomid because it does something to the hormone levels in many women that actually prevents pregnancy – considering what we go through to be on it I think that is rude! So if you don’t want to go through it again I think you should definitely push for a specialist meeting. What’s the worst that can happen? The specialist might recommend you do another Clomid round?


  2. ova achiever says:

    I have never taken Clomid, so I can’t comment on that. We jumped right in with a specialist, and unfortunately the drugs they offer may make you feel the same way. However, pregnancy does the same thing, so you will be prepared when the day comes!

    As for acupuncture, I have been going for a few weeks now. It definitely helps me relax, and it is supposed to increase blood flow to the uterus, helping increase your chance of pregnancy and decrease your chances of miscarriage. It isn’t a requirement for my clinic, but I hear most clinics require patients going through IVF to have acupuncture. So, it can’t hurt! Actually, you might feel a few light pinches, but it really doesn’t hurt.


    1. j&c says:

      I could definitely do with some help relaxing. I feel a lot of stress lately! I have tattoos so I’m sure I can handle a few punches 😉.

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