Two Week Wait (Day 21) Update

Who hates the two week wait? I do! For those of you who don’t know the two week wait (TWW) is the time between ovulation and when you could see a positive on a pregnancy test.

Since I haven’t been temping I am assuming that I ovulated on day 17 like my previous Clomid cycle. I will be getting a progesterone blood test to confirm. (I should be getting it tomorrow but when I called Friday to get the blood test ordered they were on their lunch break and by the time I called back they were closed. They close early on Friday and I forgot…so I will get it done Monday.)

Now, on my instructions for a medicated cycle I am to test on day 28. I will be testing on day 29 since day 28 is wedding day!

I don’t have much faith in this cycle. Not sure why. Last month I was so excited and expecting it to work. This month I just don’t think it will happen. It is just a feeling.

I am trying not to be stressed since I already have enough stress with the wedding approaching and that is why I am not temping. I am trying not to symptom spot but I do have to admit I have been cramping since last night into this afternoon and I of course am thinking…could it be implantation? I doubt it but then why am I cramping? It’s hard not to think hmmm….could this or that mean I am pregnant?

Emotionally I wish I could say I am getting better…but I am not. I can tell it’s not from any lingering Clomid it’s just me. We were at Petsmart the other day taking Arebella to Banfield get her 6 month check-up & Rabies vaccination and there was this adorable little girl with her mom looking at the cats for adoption. She was so precious while talking about taking this kitty home or that kitty home and I started crying…like tears running down my face crying. I so desperately want a child, I want a family and it feels just so far away at the moment. So far away.


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  1. Feeling the tww pain too! You are half way though so hang in there!!


  2. DitchTheBun says:

    I know how you feel. The day before AF was due this month I pretty much had a breakdown and Hubby found me crying in our room basically begging AF not to come. Of course the harsh cow arrived that night which sort of explains why I was so emotional the night before… 2 rounds of Clomid emotions plus pre-AF emotions did not mesh well 🙂 But when you fall you pick yourself back up and move on and here I am a week later still breathing 🙂


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