Clomid Round 2- Progesterone Test Results

Like I have mentioned before Dr. P does the progesterone test to check for ovulation on day 22 instead of day 21…I’m not sure why the day difference. Well, I screwed up and forgot to get the blood test ordered on this last Friday since day 22 was Sunday. I contacted Dr. P’s office Monday morning and they said to go ahead and get the test done that day. They did mention that the numbers could be a little bit off since it was a day off.

A reminder last month’s first round of Clomid on day 22 result was 10.8 and this month….

Drum roll please…14.7!


I am so happy because of course I was worried that I didn’t ovulate. Now…time to wait and see…wait…wait…wait.


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  1. Aw yay good for you 🙂 xxx


    1. j&c says:

      It’s all about celebrating the small victories!

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