CD 8, Clomid Day 4 (round 3)

I hate Clomid. I don’t hate that it makes me ovulate, I hate the side effects. It messes with me…emotionally, mentally, physically.

I really hope this round works. If it doesn’t…then we are going to be sent to a specialist. I really don’t want to go to a specialist. Specialist means money and we aren’t rich, we don’t live in a state where insurance is required to pay fertility treatments, and my insurance doesn’t pay very well for things in the first place (You would think a teacher would have good insurance, but nope).

Why does this have to be so difficult? Why?

I went back to work today. Just teachers but students signing up for school that starts Monday. One of my kiddos had a baby in March and I got to hold the baby while momma was doing paperwork. This little 4 month old was so precious with such dark eyes. I didn’t want to let go. I held her and played with her for about 15 minutes before I finally forced myself to hand her over to another colleague who wanted to hold her (who held her for about 3 minutes then passed her to another colleague who held her for about 5 minutes before giving her back to momma). I thought to my ovaries and uterus “hey ovaries and uterus please make one of these. Please”. Maybe holding her some of that baby magic will rub off on me? 



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  1. Nara says:

    Oh, I’m sorry you have to experience the horrible side effects. But I’m happy you are having a chance to have a baby! I really hope it goes well with you and the side effects go away!


  2. Erin says:

    I feel ya on the side effects. I’ve had crazy hot flashes and cried every day this week! Hopefully you got some baby dust on you from the little one!


    1. j&c says:

      Side effects suck. Don’t they know we are trying to make a baby and the side effects don’t really help with that lol


  3. I hope you feel better! I’ve heard the side effects of clomid are hectic but are successful, so good luck! No idea where you live but if you are looking for fertility options, we did the creighton method and it’s super inexpensive. I dont want to seem like one of those annoying ppl selling a method, but if you want to learn more, I can send you some info on it. All you do is see a obgyn who specializes in the method, and that is definitely covered by insurance 🙂 sending baby dust your way!


  4. DitchTheBun says:

    Clomid isn’t fun. I didn’t take it for this cycle and still I find myself more emotional than I used to be before I took it. I have no clue what that is about, perhaps I am just an emotional person now?
    I just kept telling myself that it would be worth it and I would never regret it if a baby came out of it. I don’t know if that is helpful to you, but it helped me through some of the worse side effect days.


    1. j&c says:

      I hate feeling like I have no control. They say the side effects of Clomid can last for awhile. I tell myself that too and it helps some. Good luck!

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  5. Fagan says:

    I’m with you. I feel like everyone at work either has babies or is pregnant. And let’s not forget my family. I just keep telling myself that it will happen when it’s suppose to. Sending baby dust your way.


  6. foodfunrun5 says:

    Sending positive thoughts your way. I understand your plight; started my second round of Clomid on Wednesday. Good luck!


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