5 weeks

I am not a patient person. The wait until I have my ultrasound at 8 weeks feels like it’s taking forever.

I am also scared…scared that when they do the ultrasound that they will tell me I am no longer pregnant.

So, to reassure myself I went and bought more pregnancy tests yesterday after work and took them. The results are not from fmu. I bought the kind I have been using and the Clearblue digital week estimator.

I am so glad that the result line is getting much much darker and is even pulling from the test line. Yay! And the weekly estimator follows from ovulation so 2-3 weeks means 4-5 weeks in doctor language which is exactly where I am at. Knowing that my hcg levels are rising makes me less anxious.


I am still cramping on and off. Nothing terrible. The doctor and everything I have read says that this is normal and means my uterus is expanding. No spotting. (I know the doctor says spotting is normal but if I do spot I will freak out)

Sore, oh so sore, breasts. And larger…I am going to have to go get bigger bras. Sigh.

Nauseous. Randomly and for a short amount of time. Not thrown up yet…hopefully never.

Food aversions. No specific foods but sometimes Jay will ask me if I want XYZ and I am like “Eww, NO!”

Fatigue. I come home from work and all I want to do is take a nap, and most days I do and still sleep all night.

Bloating. Bloating from hell. I am so bloated. I had a few day reprieve but today it came back with vengeance. I look way further along than I am and it’s getting hard to hide from my students. Hopefully the bloating goes away for awhile until I actually start showing.

Non-existent sex drive…yeah not there.

All I know is that I am happy for every symptom because that means I have a little peanut inside of me. (Actually the size of a red lentil currently). We are already in love with our baby and we are enjoying being parents and me being pregnant because we both know that something could happen. We pray that everything goes well and in April we get to hold our child but for now we are enjoying every second.


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