Emergency Room

We had to go to the ER last night… Thursday night I was having very severe left lower abdominal pain. It went away but I called my doctor Friday. She said if it happened again over the weekend to go to the ER. Around 7pm Saturday night I started having the severe pain again. At this point we were so scared that the pregnancy is ectopic.

Thankfully the hospital was quick and I was getting an ultrasound within 40 minutes of walking in…that ultrasound was the longest 5 minutes of my life. The screen was turned away from me and Jay was standing by me. He could see screen a bit and all I could see was him and the ultrasound techs face and facial expressions. She didn’t talk the whole time and of course Jay didn’t know what he was looking at.

At the end I said to the ultrasound tech “Can you tell me anything? Is it ectopic?” She said “No, it’s not ectopic. You have a hemmoragic cyst. I do see a gestational sack measuring 5 weeks but not a fetal pole but it’s normal for this point.”

This was such a sigh of relief that it wasn’t ectopic but then of course I started worrying if it was really normal not seeing a fetal pole.

I got wheeled back down to the room and had to endure a pelvic exam. The doctor was very nice afterwards and talked and answered all my questions. Again he said it was normal not to see a fetal pole at this point. I asked him what my hcg level was and he said 6,000.

After he left the room for the nurse to discharge me since he said there wasn’t anything they could do for the cyst…we would just have to let it “run its course” I started consulting doctor Google and saw that my hcg level is exactly where it should be for 5 weeks and that it is normal to not see a fetal pole.

Today, while consulting doctor Google I saw some ladies saying that they saw a yolk sack additionally. I started wondering if there was a yolk sack and they just didn’t say anything. Since Jay was able to see the ultrasound I asked him if he saw anything inside the dark circle and he said he saw another circle. I showed him some pictures of gestational sacks with a yolk sack inside and he confirmed that is what he saw. Then I showed him a picture of just a gestational sack and he said no. Now grant it he isn’t an ultrasound tech but maybe he did see a yolk sack. If so, that makes me feel better. Because of course doctor Google said no fetal pole could be a blighted ovum which terrifies me.

Now… I have to wait for Sept. 16th for my 8 week ultrasound to see if there will be a baby in the gestational sack…or not. We are praying that everything is going to work out with the baby and that my pain with the cyst is minimal.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. So sorry you had to go through that scare. Hope all is well moving forward!


  2. Rosy says:

    Oh no! I hope things turn out well. At least things seem somewhat normal other than the cyst.


  3. “Dr. Google”, lol. Stear clear of it from now on and try not to worry 🙂


  4. Nara says:

    Step away from Dr Google! Hope all is well with your next milestone.


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