Prenatal Yoga

As you guys know I have been experiencing a considerable amount of pain in my hips and lower back.

I did some research…you know that I love research, and found that doing yoga during pregnancy really helps relieve some of the pain and pressure. Of course, it has to be yoga safe for momma and baby. I googled prenatal yoga for my area and wasn’t expecting there to be any since that is always my luck. But, there is! There is a whole group of locations for prenatal yoga with classes almost every evening and some during the day. Many of them were full but there were two days with openings: Monday at 6:30 and Wednesday at 5:15. I was able to get in for the Wednesday one! Yay! I start this coming week. It’s $48 for a month (4 classes a month, once a week).

I am excited and nervous at the same time. The website says you don’t have to have any experience (which I do) and that they focus on stretching, pelvic floor exercises and breathing techniques. It sounds like the class won’t be difficult which I like because going to “fitness” classes and not being able to keep up is one thing I hate. Blame it on that Zumba class I took where I looked like a chicken with its head cut off. I am very excited at the prospect of meeting local mommies-to-be that I could become friends with. I don’t have too many friends outside of work and none who are pregnant.

I will post how the class goes. Crossing my fingers that this is an amazing and wonderful experience for me and the little peanut!


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  1. Prenatal yoga and yoga in general are pretty amazing if u ask me. Hope u enjoy!


  2. Erin says:

    Enjoy your class! I’ve been having lower back pain too so I might look for a class in my area.


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