Being happy for someone else

Jay and I have a few couple friends that we hang out with from time to time. This week one of the guys (we will call Mr. X) text Jay saying we needed to have lunch or dinner and wanted to do it soon. He scheduled it last week, Thursday night.

I immediately said something was up and I bet the wife was pregnant since this was so out of the blue and seemed rushed. Jay, of course, being the person he is responded with not everyone has motive and they could just want to be social. I dropped it and went on.

Dinner comes and the moment Mr. X sits down he is grinning like a fool. Jay says “what do you want to tell us” and he said “ask us” and Jay looks at me and says “do you want to say it?” and I of course ask “Are you pregnant” and the response was yes. I nudge Jay and say “I told you so.”

And the amazing thing about this story…I was truly, honestly happy for them. There was no jealousy or longing just happiness. I guess that what happens when you are pregnant after trying to hard to become. I remember months ago I would cry at just seeing a pregnant lady or someone with a child.

Mrs. X is 8 weeks along. It is very cool to think that our children will be so close in age.

Though, I am not going to lie…later that night it did creep into the back of my head what if something happens to our baby then I would always have a constant reminder around…Or vice-versa.

But for now everything is okay and everyone is happy and I pray and pray that it stays that way and by this summer there will be two healthy, happy babies added to our friend circle.


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