Prenatal Yoga and Cat Scratches

Prenatal Yoga

I went to my first prenatal yoga class last night. The instructor seems nice and knowledgeable. I arrived early to go over my paperwork and talk to the instructor. She told me that hip/back pain was the biggest complaint she hears from her clients. We chatted until other people arrived. After a few minutes two other students arrived. I guess there was another one that comes regularly but is 39 weeks and they think she may have had the baby.

We started doing some breathing and centering exercises. After this part they always say their name, what week they are in, and anything they want to add. The other two ladies are 23 weeks (I found it interesting that one clearly looked pregnant and the other has no bump and I would have never guessed she was that far along).

Then, we started doing certain stretching positions, some being modified for pregnancy. Overall, everything went well and I didn’t experience any pain besides when certain muscles where being used that I don’t always use…like my upper body. I have poor upper body strength and downward facing dog and I do not get along. I learned some breathing techniques she says are great to use during labor and different positions to use while laboring as well. She gave us multiple relaxing and stretching techniques we can do at home. It’s hard to tell if one class helped but I thought I may have slept a little better.

I definitely plan to continue going. I think long run it will help.

Cat Scratches

So…this morning my cat, Savannah, was incessantly meowing wanting on the top shelf of the closet. It was annoying I finally gave in and picked her up to put her on the shelf…for some reason she freaked out once her paws touched the shelf and used me as a ladder to get down. I have scratches on bother arms around my wrists, hands, lower forearms. Sigh. This is the first time Savannah has scratched me. She has never shown aggression to either one of us and never came close to scratching or biting me.

I started worrying that this could somehow harm me and baby. Jay, of course, was calm and said everything was fine. But Dr. Google said I could get scratch cat fever. But I was mainly worried about toxoplasmosis since I know it can be fatal to the baby. I messaged Dr. P telling her what happened and not so patiently waited for her to get into the office and respond. She said as long as Savannah didn’t bite me I should be fine (As far as I can tell she didn’t). Dr. P said that if the cuts get infected to let her know but just to keep them clean and put antibiotic cream on them. Which right after it happened I thoroughly washed them, cleansed them with hydrogen peroxide, and put on loads of triple antibiotic cream.

I feel better but at the same time I feel stupid for getting scratched at all. I am usually pretty aware of the fact that she does have claws (Our other cat, Arebella, was already declawed when we adopted her) but for some reason this morning I just temporarily went insane. I don’t know if it was because I had just woken up or if this is the first sign of baby brain. Either way I still feel stupid.

Now, I can worry about keeping these cuts nice, clean, and getting them healed.


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