Drum Roll……..

It’s a boy!!!

We decided we would find out and before the ultrasound tech even told us I saw the twig and berries! I turned to Jay and said “it’s a boy!” We are so happy!!!

We got the results of the anatomy scan back and everything is normal. Heart rate was 159. Baby was measuring an average of 18w4d. About 3 days behind our EDD. I’m still saying April 27th though.

I called family and friends. I couldn’t keep it a secret. I was way too excited and thrilled! This morning when I walked in to work on my desk was this adorable outfit that one of my friends bought for me.

 We are on cloud nine!



15 Comments Add yours

  1. abaagoe says:

    Loooove this!!!


  2. Erin says:

    Exciting!! Congratulations on your little man 😊


    1. Cin and Jay says:

      How have you been doing?


      1. Erin says:

        I’m doing ok. We have our 20 week scan today so I’m pretty nervous! And we’re still debating about finding out the gender.


      2. Cin and Jay says:

        The scan is so nerve wracking and then waiting for the results. Go ahead and find out!!!


  3. Congrats!



  4. Caroline says:

    Congrats Hun!!!


  5. Rosy says:

    So exciting! Congratulations! 😀


    1. Cin and Jay says:

      Thank you so much!


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