22 weeks

How far along?22 weeks 6 days. Baby is 10.9 inches and 15.2 ounces. Baby is the size of a papaya. 
Total weight gain/loss? Not sure since I have been gone for a week for the holidays and haven’t weighed myself. 

Maternity clothes? Same as last week. Maternity pants 24/7. Maternity shirts most of the time. 

Sleep? I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep because we have been so busy with family events. I’m looking forward to lots of naps this week. 

Best moment this week? Getting to see family especially my momma who would rub my belly and talk to little man. And of course little man has been kicking and pretty consistently in the evenings. Also, I had a little spontaneous baby shower at Christmas Eve dinner and got some adorable clothes and gifts. It was so sweet! 
Symptoms? Back pain. Though a lot of it is probably because of rising in a car for 14 hour and it took days to recover and now I am riding back home. Sigh. 
Food cravings? Nothing really. Just eating normally. 
Food aversions? Still steak. I think it is because I can’t eat it the way I want to. I hate well done steak. Yuck! 
Gender? It’s a boy!!!! 
Labor signs? Nope. 
Belly button in or out? In. 
What I miss? Umm… Well let’s just say I had to buy a new shower head that includes a detachable wand. 
What I’m looking forward to? My belly buds to arrive. 
Bump? Yes, though it is just staying the same size. Doesn’t seem to be getting bigger. 


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