Sick and Pregnant (again)

I’m going on day 5 of being sick with an upper respiratory cold/infection. The symptoms are: sinus pain/pressure, nasal drainage on the extreme, constant coughing to the point of my stomach is sore from it, coughing up nasty phlegm, lots of sneezing, and very sore throat. Thankfully, I’m not running a temp. 

These are the same identical symptoms as the last time I was sick around 16 weeks which ended up me having to take antibiotics to get better. Hopefully, I won’t have to take any because we have a better idea this time around what I can take and what works best. I really don’t like taking antibiotics regardless of being pregnant. I don’t like taking any medicine. 

I was hoping to finish painting the nursery this weekend but nothing has happened since I can barely breathe. I had to miss work Thursday and Friday which I hate missing work. Especially since those days take away days for my maternity leave. Oh well…got to try my best to stay healthy for little man who seems unaware of mommy being sick. 

So…I have been seeing some people discuss the hypnobirthing program. I watched a few videos about it and then watched a few videos of women in labour using the program. It seems very interesting to me and went ahead and reserved the book a Barnes and Noble. If anyone has any opinions of the program please comment. 

And on top of everything it snowed this morning. Oh yay. 


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  1. Oh no… feel better soon !!!


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