28 weeks


HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!!! We have a 3d/4d ultrasound Friday afternoon!!! We are both so excited! We will post pictures as soon as we have them! 

How far along? 28 weeks 0 days. Baby is 14.8 inches long and weighs 2.2 pounds. He is the size of an eggplant!
Total weight gain/loss? +2.9  pounds. YAY!!!

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants ALL the time. There are a few shirts I can still wear. I am having to wear a maternity tank top everyday since my normal ones don’t cover my whole belly.

Sleep? Terrible…my hips and back have begun hurting all the time…no matter what I do. Sleep is coming in small sessions where I can get semi-comfortable and then 30 minutes later wake up with pain and have to move/turn over.

Best moment this week? We had our 28 week appointment yesterday and everything went well. My blood pressure was 124/70 and his heart rate was 155. My belly is measuring exactly where I need to be at 28cm.

Symptoms? Hip pain, lower back pain, fatigue, needing to pee very often (just like first trimester).

Food cravings? Chocolate milk!

Food aversions? Steak, pickles, olives, and orange juice. I tried a pickle earlier this week and blah!

Gender? It’s a boy!!!! I love my little man!

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button in or out? In. but getting smaller…I’d say a month more and it will be flat.

What I miss? Not being in pain.

What I’m looking forward to? Getting the nursery furnished and decorated. Slowly but surely it’s coming. We ordered a matching crib and dresser/changing table online for a super great deal. They are on their way. I can’t wait to get them here and put together.

Here are pictures of what they look like from online. The crib should be here Friday and dresser Monday.

Bump? Yep!!!


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