Better safe than sorry

So…this morning I woke up and little man wasn’t moving around like normal. Usually the moment my alarm goes off it’s a little party in my tummy until after I’m done with my shower. This morning nothing. 

On my way to work I called Jay and told him that little man wasn’t acting normal. Of course my calm, cool hubby told me that he is sure he is just taking a longer nap and not to worry. We agreed that if after I ate breakfast (which food always gets him moving around a bunch) that if he still wasn’t acting normal then I’d call Dr. P to see what she said.

I didn’t get to eat breakfast until later than normal because I had a meeting this morning and then it ran late. I ate around 8:30 and waited and waited…I wasn’t feeling anything. I went and walked some, used the bathroom, and drank some cold water. I sat down and really concentrated on him while using the kick counter app on my phone and by a little after 10 he had only kicked 6 times in an hour. 

I texted Jay and he agreed with me that we should go ahead and call Dr. P to see what her advice was. I called and they immediately rang me back and I got her nurse (Stef) who I love. She said to come to L&D right away to get hooked up to the non-stress test machine. This caught me off guard. I thought they would suggest some other things to see if we could get him moving and the urgency in her voice broke me down. I started crying at work…which I hate crying and with being around high school students is no fun. And of course when I got off the phone with Jay to let him know what was happening it was passing period. 

Thankfully, I have such an awesome and supportive assistant principal that understood the situation and told me to go ahead and go. Also, thankfully I have an awesome department head who didn’t hesitate to watch my classes. 

Jay made it to L&D a few minutes before I did. I’m so lucky to have such an incredible husband who drops everything at his job to be by my side. We signed in and got called back quickly. They hooked me up and right away knew his little heart was beating away but they said we needed to wait to see how his heart rate was reacting to him moving. So they pumped me full of sugar in the form of orange juice and waited to see. After about 15 minutes I started feeling him move about like normal! 


The L&D nurse came in after me being hooked up for an hour and looked at this seismograph type thing that was recording his heart rate and some other stuff. She said his reactivity was just what they want to see. While there I had no clue what she was talking about with “reactivity” but if she said it was good then that was good enough for me. I have of course looked up what she was talking about and this website:  does a great job with explaining what she meant. 

Then Dr. P reviewed everything and agreed that baby is going well and figures he must have been in a weird spot or just asleep. 

I’m so relieved that everything is okay. Though, I’m not going to lie that when they said “get to L&D now” I pretty much lost it. I worry naturally and Jay had spent 20 minutes this morning talking me off the ledge, reassuring me everything was okay and the moment they said “go” all reason flew out the window. All I could imagine was something was terribly wrong and they would have to do an emergency c-section or the worse thing possible that little man wasn’t going to make it. 

Thankfully, little man is okay and still growing away safe in mommy’s tummy. 


9 Comments Add yours

  1. abaagoe says:

    So glad all is well. Better safe than sorry.


  2. Caroline says:

    Always better safe than sorry! So glad he is doing well!


  3. Erin says:

    Wow what a scare! Glad baby boy is doing fine!


    1. Cin and Jay says:

      I know! Me too! And of course today is just kicking me away like crazy.


  4. Rosy says:

    I would have worried too. So glad you and baby boy are ok. 🙂 Hopefully he doesn’t scare you like that again.


    1. Cin and Jay says:

      I know. I took a Coke to work today just in case he started not moving since the sugar worked wonders yesterday. And of course he has been kicking away without any help.


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