29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks 1 day. Baby is 15.2 inches long and weighs 2.5 pounds. He is the size of a cauliflower!
Total weight gain/loss? +3.1  pounds. Slowly, but surely.

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants ALL the time. Mostly maternity tops. A few of my bigger shirts still kinda fit.

Sleep? It still isn’t very good but it was better than last week.

Best moment this week? Knowing he is doing okay after our scare of him not moving. Also, I was told to check with my insurance to see if they cover the cost of a breast pump. I called them and they said all I needed was a doctor’s script and to go to one of the specified medical supply stores. I got the script, went to the store, and had the call insurance to double check what they were saying…and insurance confirmed. The breast pump is covered at 100%!!! I got a Medela In Style Advanced (it was the only one the store carried and from I understand it is a very good pump). I am just glad that it is compatible with the Kiinde system. If you haven’t heard about the Kiinde it sounds amazing and I will be getting it!

Symptoms? Hip pain, lower back pain, round ligament pain mainly on my left side that comes and goes, fatigue, needing to pee very often (I had to get up 4 times last night!!).

Food cravings? Chocolate milk! I have been drinking tons of it!

Food aversions? Steak, pickles, and olives.

Gender? It’s a boy!!!!

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button in or out? In. but getting flatter and smaller. It is weirdly shaped now, kind of oblong.

What I miss? Sleeping without having to get up and pee a million times!

What I’m looking forward to? Of course my goal is our nursery. We had a setback though when putting together the crib this weekend. One of the slats appeared to be slightly damaged. Jay kept reassuring me it was just a knot in the wood with the paint slightly scraped off. We went ahead and proceeded to put the rest of the crib together only to discover at the very end on the last part one of the holes was off by 1/4″. We have put in an order with the company to get a replacement for that piece and I went ahead and added the knotted wood piece. Hopefully, it will be here soon but honestly I am not holding my breath. I imagine it will be 6-8 weeks. Which freaks me out since we only have 11 weeks (or less) until little man is here. But Jay keeps reminding me that we were not going to put him in the crib at night for the first few weeks because we are using a bassinet in our room to make nighttime feedings easier. Regardless, I want his room done! It will make me feel calmer. (We haven’t even put the dresser together. It is from the same company. I hope everything is there, isn’t damaged, and fits together correctly)



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  1. ova achiever says:

    Chocolate milk is my biggest craving as well! We had a snow storm recently and I went through 2 gallons of milk in the 4 days I was cooped up at home. I could totally go for a glass right now…


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