Tachycardia Part II

I went and saw the cardiologist yesterday, Dr. M. She started off by asking me probably 100 questions about how I have been feeling, the types of pain/discomfort, my medical history, my family medical history, etc. At least 20 minutes of me being drilled, nicely, with questions. Answering these questions was difficult because my head was killing me. I didn’t take any pain medicine because as Jay and my mom says “it makes me drunk” (at least it takes away the pain). After all the questions she began her exam. She was very thorough. She said that my heart rate while she did the exam was in the 140’s (this is after me sitting there answering questions for 20 minutes and before that sitting there getting my initial workup by her nurse. So probably 30 minutes of just sitting). Dr. M said she didn’t notice any arrhythmias on the ekg or her physical exam but she was concerned by how high my heart rate is. She wants me to wear a heart monitor and get an echocardiogram next week.

I am currently hooked up to a heart monitor and my echo is scheduled for Wednesday at 10:30am with a follow up with Dr. M right afterwards. The heart monitor sends her a report everyday (it has a cell phone signal built in) and I am sure if she sees anything bad she will call. She believes that this is just sinus tachycardia brought on by the added stress of pregnancy. Sinus tachycardia isn’t necessarily dangerous. There is the option to put me on beta blockers but Dr. M seemed not inclined to do that because of little man. She talked more about me not working and taking it as easy as possible.

I saw Dr. P later in the afternoon. I asked her why she is sending me to a specialist for the ultrasound and she said it is just his size, nothing else. She did have a thought that maybe my 28 week blood work up wasn’t accurate and I may have developed a thyroid issue that is causing the heart issue and had the test ordered. We discussed about work. She seemed open to whatever the cardiologist decides. I asked them both if they thought it was okay for me to at least try today and tomorrow (because 2 weeks of spring break starts March 7th) and they both agreed I could try but if it becomes too much to go home and get rest. High heart rate isn’t good for momma. So, I went to work and only made it 4 hours before going home. The kids were stressing me out about their grades.  Also, when she measured my fundal height it has exploded confirming that little man is measuring 3 weeks ahead. On week 28 it was 28cm, on week 30 it was 31cm, yesterday week 32 it was 35cm!

I got my thyroid test results back. They weren’t in normal range. T3 uptake was low and T4 was high. It wasn’t terribly off the scale but enough Dr. P has referred me to an endocrinologist. 

I will probably get a call tomorrow, hopefully, to set up an appointment with the endocrinologist. 

I just hope they figure out what is wrong and fix is…soon! 

Side note: I have always had difficult veins. They are small and deep. In Dr. P’s lab there is one girl who is always so awesome at getting them and they always just let her do it instead of anyone else trying. Well, she no longer works there and there was a tech in there yesterday. She stabbed me in the right arm while moving it around to try and get a vein. Didn’t work. Then, the left. Same thing. She said that she couldn’t try again. Some policy about only being able to stick someone twice. I was glad because she was hurting me. She went and got a guy. He went for my hand. OMG did it hurt. He stabbed me twice in my right hand with no success. I actually screamed out loud at one point because it hurt so much. They then went and got someone from within the hospital. This lady primarily draws blood from babies and she got it on my right arm first try. I felt like I was being tortured.


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  1. Nara says:

    Aww poor you! Hope everything looks up for you soon!


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