37 weeks and having a baby

Let me just start off with saying I’m sorry for not updating in so long. Our life has been absolutely insane. I’ve been feeling terrible and been in and out of L&D with contractions and extreme back pain but nothing progressing cervix wise. I’ve been “diagnosed” with an irritable uterus with a sunny side up baby that is pushing against my back. Everytime I get hooked up to the NST machine I am having semi-regular to regular contractions but my cervix just stays at 1cm. 

And to top everything off Jay’s belly button started bleeding on March 26th. We spent the weekend in the ER and he was diagnosed with a double hernia injury that needed surgery. This Monday he had surgery and is having a really hard time with recovery and his surgeon has told him he needs to wait 2 weeks from surgery date to go back to work. Thankfully, his mother flew out 2 days before the surgery and has been a tremendous help. Honestly, we could not have gotten through this without her. 

Yesterday I had my 37 week OB appointment with a follow up appointment with my cardiologist right after. During my OB my blood pressure was fine but when it was time for cardiologist it was high. 177/101. They took it a few more times and only got it down to 146/92. The cardiologist then went and told my OB. They were in the same building. And my OB sent me to L&D to get monitored with blood work. (My 5th NST). Everything checked out fine and I was sent home.

We had our final scan today to see how little man is measuring. When I met with my OB yesterday she said unless there is something concerning on the ultrasound then we would do a scheduled induction or c-section at 39 weeks. Though, I requested not exactly 39 weeks because I do not want him born on 4-20. So she said we would do 4-21. When I arrived at the specialist my blood pressure was once up again 144/93. I told them about yesterday and they contacted my OB to get the results. They went ahead and did my scan. He is so smoothed in there it as hard to make out a lot of features but they guess he is measuring 8 pounds 8 ounces and 21.5″ long. After having me lay and get the scan they redid my blood pressure and it was 150/97. The doctor came in and said “let’s have a baby!” I was in complete shock. She did q quick review of the ultrasound and said she had already called the hospital and my primary OB to let them know the situation. We went home to grab some stuff and went to the hospital. I was still in shock and  as fully prepared for them to do a NST and send me home. But I was immediately taken back to a room and hooked up and given my first round of medicine to ripen my cervix. And that is where we are at now. I’ve had 3 rounds with little progress and scheduled to have pitocin started at 5am. I will keep ya’ll updated a best I can. Wish us good luck and send us prayers. 


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  1. Caroline says:

    Yay!!! This all sounds very similar to my story. You will be great as will baby! My 37 week baby is doing great, eating right now. Keep us updated as you can and sleep while you can too.


  2. Good luck so excited!!


  3. Prayers!! How exciting its finally here


  4. Erin says:

    Good luck!!!


  5. beanie says:

    Good luck, kitten! Sending good vibes your way for a safe delivery of bubs xo


  6. sarahtillettcade says:

    Best of luck!! This is exactly what happened to me, and my nugget was born last week at 36.2! Prayers for a safe delivery!


  7. You can do it! This will be the scariest and most wonderful thing in your life. I know it’ll be hard, but try to focus on the awesomeness that’s about to happen. 🙂


  8. Nara says:

    Ooh just catching up – I hope to get to your next blog post soon! 😉 Get well soon Jay!


  9. DitchTheBun says:

    How exciting! Best of luck!!!!!


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