Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Review

When Theodore was around a month old we realized that he really needed something to look at in his pack and play. The pack and play we had didn’t come with a mobile and the search was on for something that would go on the pack and play. 

I found the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile and loved the idea that it wouldn’t only just go on the pack and play but on other things as well. 

Theodore loves this mobile! It is especially good when he is fussy and fighting sleep. He will watch it until he falls asleep. 

It had two settings. One where the mobile moves around with music playing and one where it just moves around without music. He likes the music so we only ever use that setting. 


  •  It’s super easy to attach the arm to the side of the pack and play. You just put the claw grabber where you want it and tighten down the squeezer. It tightens really well and I have no fears of it loosening and falling on him. 
  • The mobile has a claw that attaches to the arm or you can take it off and attach it to other things like a car seat handle. It’s super quick and easy
  • The animals face down at him so it’s easy for him to look at. They are soft which I love because some toys are just a little to hard for my liking. 


  • When you turn it on it only lasts for 30 minutes. There is no time setting. There has been many times where it cuts off and he starts crying and I have to go and turn it back on. I would like for it to have longer time or a time setting choice. An hour would be much better than just 30 minutes. 

Overall, this is a fantastic choice for a mobile. I don’t even see us getting another one when he transitions to his crib. We will just use this one. We may even buy another one. One for the crib and one for the pack and play. 


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  1. Caroline says:

    We have the same one and Kennedy loves it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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