de Quervain’s stenosing tenosynovitis

Yeah, that crazy long thing in the title. I have it. It’s also called “mommy’s thumb”. 

During pregnancy both my wrists started hurting and I was told it would go away after I gave birth. It didn’t. The left one hurts rarely. The right one on a regular basis. The best way I can describe it is that is feels like it pops out of place and it’s excruciating pain until it pops back in. My orthopedic surgeon says it’s the swollen tendon/fluid getting stuck in the sheath and that is what is popping/hurting. 

I got a shot straight into my tendon with a brace to wear for 6 weeks. If it doesn’t cure then the next option is surgery to cut open the sheath to allow the tendon to move with restriction. 

I hate the brace and have a bad habit the last couple of days of taking it off. Jay is having to make me put it on. You would think I would keep it on but taking care of Theodore is really hard with it on. 

Sigh. Theodore and I are getting ready for our trip to TN. We fly out on Saturday and return the next Saturday. Jay didn’t have enough days to go with us. 😢

Also, if anyone wants to follow my personal instagram account just let me know! I post way too many pics on there! 

steak is our favorite!

getting so tall!

so smiley!

getting better at sitting by himself

my procedure

not sure how he feels about watermelon

sweet daddy with his mini-me

this cutie falling asleep while nursing with his lovey


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