Meeting Santa

So… I have a hard time dealing with Santa. I found out at a very young age (like 4/5) that Santa wasn’t real. I was that kind of kid that hated being lied to and took it very personally. 

Growing up I still never liked the idea lying to nieces, cousins, the general childhood population. Why would we tell our kids that some guy watches them all the time, determines if they are good or bad, breaks and enters into our house, eats our food, and leaves us gifts in place? Imagine the creepo’s that have used Santa to get close to children. Blah! Ugh! Grr! 

Then, to use Santa as a behavior modification is disgusting. I’m sorry but if you can’t “outsmart” your kid using reinforcements, removing them from situations, discussions, time-puts, etc then you probably need to take a parenting class or two (I am also super against any form of corporal punishment; violence creates violence). 

So, Jay and I have been having discussions about how we are going to approach Santa (and tooth fairy, Easter bunny, etc). Jay is very supportive of whatever I decide and we knew that this Christmas it didn’t really matter because Theodore has no clue what is really going on. 

I decided to pose the question to my breastfeeding support group. The LC has older children and she says what they did is introduced Santa as a story and that they never say he is real or leave gifts from Santa. That their kids know that Santa is pretend just like Elsa or Mickey Mouse but they enjoy living in that fantasy pretend world. 

We have decided when he gets old enough we will do something similar along with doing more of a spin of the Saint aspect and instead of getting focus on giving and acts of kindness. 

So… in that I decided we would go ahead and get his picture with Santa. I was so nervous but it went pretty well. When I first sat him on his lap he was slightly confused and when I walked away to stand behind the photographer he started to cry but once he heard my voice he was okay but no smiles. The kid seriously doesn’t like smiling in front of a camera (I’ll post our Christmas card photos later once all my family has received them. We spent 30 minutes trying to get the kid to smile and only got one good photo of him smiling). 

Meeting Santa 2016:

serious baby

sizing Santa up


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