9 months of Theodore Jackson (a few days late)

Can you believe it’s been 9 months (and 4 days) since Theodore was born!? I sure can’t! It feels like time has flown! 

upside monkey!

This boy is such a joy to us and everyone tells us how chill and relax a baby he is. 

such a cutie pie

Usually is he one happy, smiley, giggly baby who is very attached to momma (or daddy when he is home). 

Lately, we have been going through leap 6 (the wonder weeks book which is awesome sauce) and just had our first two teeth come through all in a span of 1.5 weeks! So little man has been very fussy, clingy, and his normal routine is either out of wack or changing (We don’t keep a schedule and follow his cues since I’m home and can do that. Our lives revolve around him). 

momma sewed me a sock monkey, fleece lined, hooded baby poncho for the cold weather

So… Milestones/Achievemnts:

  • Eating solid food like a champ! (Baby Led weaning is so freaking amazing and I will try to do a post about it later. Seriously, I don’t know how people handle feeding their kids puréed food all the time)
  • Standing while holding/leaning against something (usually momma)
  • Walking between momma and daddy while holding our hands
  • Kinda crawling: he can pivot and move sideways and backwards on his tummy and if he gets his knees under him he can “crawl” backwards. No forward yet 
  • “Talking” up a storm but no distinguishable word yet
  • Had his first cold… it was so sad and we all passed it around and back on and off for a few months. Blah! 
  • Still nursing strong! (This is more a momma accomplishment!)

Theodore loves food!

Theodore and his fitst Christmas tree

love this kiddo so much!

I can’t believe in 3 short months my baby will turn 1! It just doesn’t seem right. I was thinking the other day he had been out of me longer than he was in. 😢

I look back to when he was just born and he was so tiny and I can’t even fathom that any more. Sometimes I wish I could go back to savor and enjoy that more. It was such a blur with all this stress of his tongue/lip tie and trying to get him to nurse and being so hard on myself. After about 3/4 months he stopped wanting to lay down and sleep in my chest for naps and it made me so sad and I missed it so much but now he has started doing it again and I don’t even try to lay him down. I just let the wash pile up, house go unswept, dirty dishes in the sink and soak in every second of his little chest rising and falling on me. I kiss is blonde hair and just feel at such peace. I know this won’t last. He will again not want snuggles with momma and I am going to get all I can now. 

momma mattress

soaking it in

I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months hold. I know walking is on the horizon and I am so curious to see if his personality changes once he can have some independence. Right now when we play on the floor all he wants is to be climbing in my lap or holding onto me while he stands. He is very clingy/dependent on momma. 

Hope everyone is doing well. I try to read blogs as much as I can but don’t always have time/a hand to comment. I promise I’m keeping up with y’all! 

I’ll try to not go so long in between posts. 😜 

Love and kisses, 

Cin, Jay, and Theodore

And I leave you with this amazing laugh….puppies are funny! 


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  1. Way to go on the nursing!

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  2. Rosy says:

    He is absolutely adorable! 😍

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