So…The Etsy shop with baby stuff didn’t pan out because I was informed I had to be complaint to sell baby clothing items. I totally agree that this should be the standard but I didn’t know at the time. So I closed that all down while I did research on what it took to be complaint…Well it’s alot and more than I can handle right now.

So I really need to generate some income to help our family. I thought and though about what I could do and Jay suggested I sale my art. The art I do as a hobby. I looked on Etsy and see there is a huge movement of selling art as a digital download so that is what I’ve started. No sales yet but fingers crossed. I’m making new pieces every few days or as Theodore permits! 

Here is my newest one! 


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  1. Sorry it didnt work out on etsy! Hope this new venture finds you well


  2. What does it mean to be a complaint? My brother does Etsy, so I just want to understand this better. Good luck!!


    1. Cin and Jay says:

      When it comes to making most textiles you have to follow certain federal regulations…Putting tags on items with fiber content, care instructions, flammability testing, etc. Then, when you go into children clothing/textiles there is a whole other list of compliance things you have to meet with the federal government along with registering with them in case there is a recall. Additionally certain items have to be tested like a paci clip holder would have to be tested for durability, teething necklace for pounds it breaks, etc. You have to pay for that testing too. It’s alot of organization and federal oversite. And if you aren’t complicance and get caught it’s a huge fine!

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