Theodore Turned One and We Bought a House! 

I have truly and utterly sucked at keeping this blog updated. I have so many other things that have just gotten in the way…

Life with a kiddo is busy, hectic, and when you have moments of quiet and calm you just want to relax, relax, relax! 

So…Theodore turned one! We had a small party in our city with friends on his actual birthday last Saturday and are driving home today for Easter weekend and will have another party this coming Saturday. 

Theodore is doing great! He has 6 teeth, weighs 24 pounds, somewhere around 30″ tall. He crawls everywhere, pulls up on everything, cruises the furniture, and has just started taking a few steps. Waking is just on the horizon. He “talks” all the time. 

We are still nursing which makes me so happy because we went through a battle teaching him not to bite mommy. He eventually learned though it was very touch and go there for a while. We have decided that now that we have hit a year of nursing (which a year of nursing/formula is what is required then you can switch to cow’s milk) that anything after a year is just bonus. We aren’t going to stress if he doesn’t nurse as much now. He gets plenty of dairy from yogurt (one of his fav foods right now) and cheese and drinks lots of water throughout the day. I would love for him to self-wean but we have decided when it stops working for one or both of us then we won’t sweat it and just stop. 

I am torn about going back to work like planned…I really don’t want to but financially for the family it would be a big help even just having part of my pay (rest would go to childcare). Especially since we bought a new house!

New house: man, I thought buying a home was stressful, selling your home and buying a home at the same time… That is stressful as crap. We decided we were going to build a new home, had everything picked out then after listing our house it sold in 4 days! Eek! And our house would take around 3 months to build (they are fast). The prospect of being homeless for months was not appealing to us so we went to the homebuilder and asked if anything in the community was already built and ready to move in…And there was just not the floorplan we picked out. Actually I like this floorplan better even though it has one less bedroom but had much more living space. We didn’t get the upgrades we wanted since it was already built but most of them can be put in at a later date. The only downside to this new home is the yard is tiny…We were truly spoiled with our other backyard and I honestly miss it. Just the yard…Not the house. But this community has an upside. It has an awesome kid centers park! Theodore loved going and swinging. He could swing for hours if you let him. 

So besides that there hasn’t been too much more happening in our lives. Theodore is just awesome and we love him so much. We want another child and haven’t been doing anything to prevent it and it hasn’t happened…We are pretty sure I’m back to not ovulating. My cycles are at 38 days apart with no signs of ovulation. I know I’m going to have to go get bloodwork to check but they won’t do it while I’m breastfeeding because of how it can mess with hormones. We really don’t want to do drugs again but it looks like we may have to if we want another kiddo. For now we are just in a wait and see while we still nurse and enjoying every little thing about our special boy. 


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