Nursery Update

I have never worked so much or cared so much about a room in my house. Little man’s nursery is truly a labor of love. I keep making comments to my husband about “Oh, I hope he likes this”, “Do you think he will like this?” and my husband responds with “He won’t care”. So, maybe this nursery is more for me? I just want my son to have a nice, calming place to sleep, play, and grow in throughout the years. Yes, maybe he won’t care. But I care and I guess that is all that matters.

We have…

  • the dresser/changing table all together. Thankfully, all the parts were correct and intact.
  • curtains up. I just bought some hold backs and Jay still needs to install them.
  • the bookcase/cubicle all put together (it has been for a while) and it’s all decorated with things I have been buying, books my mom gave me, and fabric storage bins.
  • the extra shelves installed in the closet.
  • a toy chest this week and Jay put it together Saturday.
  • a rug bought but I haven’t put it down and won’t until everything else is done.

We are working on…

  • getting our claim processed for replacement pieces for the crib. This is really starting to make me anxious…every time I walk in seeing the incomplete crib makes me feel unnerved.
  • the doors! We bought brand new doors (entry door and two closet doors) for the nursery since the original ones were old and beat up. I hadn’t felt like painting them but it was on my agenda for this last weekend. I come home Friday and Jay has painted them! And he hates painting! They still need some touch ups/one more coat and the edges painted. He then has to chisel out where the hanging up hardware goes and then install the new handles we bought and then hang them!
  • A peg board I bought (saw different types of Pinterest but I loved this one the best) to go over the changing table that I bought some baskets and hooks to hang on it.
  • making fabric squares/posters to hang on the walls that are in the colors of the nursery. I have two done. Two more to go. I got the idea from this Pinterest post.

We are waiting on…

  • the chair (in dark grey) to come. (should be arriving within a week and it has to be assembled as well. We are becoming pros with me reading the instructions and him putting it together)
  • Pillow covers that I bought from Etsy. (This one in elephant print and this one in the giraffe print. They are so freaking adorable! And I still need to buy the inserts as well.)

We still need…

  • a crib mattress with sheets.
  • A changing pad with a cover. (It came with a pad but I don’t like it)
  • Baby hangers for the baby clothes.
  • Some decor pieces for the walls which I still haven’t decided on what I want

Also, I have been debating on the arrangement of the furniture. I think once everything is here and put it together. I may take a few pictures of different setups to see which one I like best. I am aiming for not just aesthetics but for ease of use. Example: right now I have the changing table/dresser by the entryway but I think it would be more logical to put it between the two closets where the toy chest is currently living. But…then I think the two chest would potentially look awkward there and look better where the cubicle book case is. But…if I move the cubicle book case to the entryway it isn’t the first thing you see walking in and I really like how it looks. Sigh…I know this probably seems like a crazy thing to fret about but to me it all matters.




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